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akylios. what rift strats doesn't tell you.

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Here is an up to date guide by maximation.


This fight consists of four main phases.

Throughout the entire encounter you are inflicted with a debuff that reduces your hit/focus by 130, and toughness by 60. This fight therefore requires 400+ hit/focus, make sure you have maximum points in your appropriate combat banners for this encounter.

Your entire raid should using water resist enchants to helm/chest (+27) and have full water resist sigils, on top of having planar charges ready for Planar Protection.

Phase 1

During Phase 1 you are presented with Jornaru.

Jornaru – 6.7M HP


Summon the Abyss

Summon the Abyss will summon three major adds and multiple minor adds.

Apostle of Jornaru (900K HP), this add is the more powerful of the adds that will spawn when Summon the Abyss is used, it has a casted Single Target Nuke, Casted AOE Nuke (Tidal Storm, MUST BE INTERRUPTED/SILENCED, 90% WIPE IF NOT), and auto attack. It can be silenced at any time in order to move it (this is optimal when dodging a wave).

Abyssal Deepclaw (242K HP), this add is the second major add, two of these will spawn everytime he uses this skill, they have no unique attacks, just auto attack. However they do have a buff, when near an apostle they will take 75% reduced damage, and deal 100% more damage, the idea is to tank the Deepclaws AWAY from the Apostle of Jornaru until they are almost dead, and then bring them together and kill the deepclaw, if the deepclaw dies within range of the Apostle of Jornaru it will give it a debuff increasing the amount of damage the Apostle of Jornaru takes by 100%.

Crabs, these are the minor adds, they will randomly charge people, which will stun them and drain a large portion of their mana, this cannot be avoided, they deal minor damage and can typically be ignored until tanks are ready to pick them up, the stun can be CLEANSED.

Geyser will randomly appear under one of the ranged players (there MUST be 5+ ranged players, or it will be placed on melee)and it will emit very obvious water particles before knocking anyone within the geyser into the air, dealing moderate damage (enough to kill without spot heals), you can run out of this effect to avoid damage.

Tidal Wave

Tidal wave will occur every 45 seconds, it will either come from the left or the right and each side has two patterns. Picture a checkers board, every 2nd row will consist of a wave starting from either the 1st or 2nd row. E.g. (Row 1,3,5,7 OR Row 2,4,6,8)

Empowered Buff

Every so often Jornaru will “empower” one of the adds, this can apply to any of the adds that have spawned, and will substantially increase the amount of damage they deal, this should be purged promptly.


Refer to the screenshot
The red circles indicate tanking areas.
The yellow circles indicate possible locations for ranged to stand.

Jornaru is tanked at position “1”, all melee DPS and players assigned to be in melee should be completely stacked on Jornaru (Inquisitor for soul drain for example). The ranged/healers should be spread out around the yellow circles, never stacking and leaving appropriate gaps in between each other to prevent Geyser hitting multiple people.

Jornaru will cast Summon the Abyss very early into the encounter, for this first set of adds, the Apostle of Jornaru is tanked away from Jornaru, at either position “2” or position “3”, whilst the Deepclaws (which have both been picked up by one tank) are marked number 1, and moved within melee range of Jornaru, all melee and ranged DPS should then focus fire on the marked Deepclaw, when the Deepclaw approaches approximately 20-25% health, the tank who has the Apostle of Jornaru should move the apostle next to the Deepclaw (this is where silencing/interrupting is very important), as soon as the Deepclaw dies the DPS should switch back to Jornaru, applying moderate cleave/aoe damage to kill the Apostle over time.
The 2nd Deepclaw should be tanked within the cleave/aoe damage until it is <25% health, once it is, move it to position “2” and hold it there until the next set of adds spawn.

By this time, waves have started coming, make sure that you have people assigned to watching the sides, effectively calling them out whenever they come (if necessary use a timer so you can warn people ahead of time that a wave is coming).

Shortly after the 2nd Summon the Abyss will be casted, all adds should be immediately stacked on Jornaru and the Deepclaw should die to aoe/cleave damage, making the second Apostle of Jornaru vulnerable, the first should have died, or should die around this time.

Heavy single target damage is continued on Jornaru until he has at 50% (in which we progress to Phase 2), and all remaining adds except ONE deepclaw should be killed immediately, the remaining deepclaw should be marked with a number to indicate it should not be killed, however it should be lowered, as you will be using this Deepclaw for the same purpose in Phase 2.

If you cannot push Jornaru to this Phase and you are presented with a 3rd set of adds, you have either done too much aoe/cleave damage or you might want to look into adjusting your specs/dps lineup.

Proceed to the edge of the dock (where Jornaru moves to) and prepare to jump over the ravine when the rocks come down, while waiting here you should have a member of your raid cast Planar Protection as these next phases inflict large amounts of water damage.

Phase 2

During phase two you are introduced with a whole new range of mobs and skills.
Jornaru will be on a rock floating above the platform while you are doing this encounter; he will continue using “Summon the Abyss”, and however Tidal Wave and Geyser will stop casting.

Jornaru will begin casting a new mechanic called “Orb of Suffocation”, it will place a glowing effect on one of the raid members, after a short period of time an orb will float down from Jornaru and make contact, exploding dealing approximately 40K (pre-resistance) damage dissipated between all the people inside the glowing effect (much like Alsbeth/Herald meteor) and silences everyone affected for 5 seconds.

All the warriors/rogues (except bard) should be stacked in a “melee” position throughout this phase onwards, and a simple counter to this mechanic is to literally run into melee every single time it is casted on you, and wherever melee goes, you go, if melee has to move, you move with them (Jitter stepping much like on Grugonim).


Lasher of Akylios (380K HP), Periodically a Lasher will come out of the water (a total of 4 will spawn during Phase 2), tanks must have very quick response time to move to the Lasher and begin tanking it, if no one is in melee range it will begin casting Cleaving Spray, which will deal substantial raid wide damage (typically un-healable). Once the tank engages, all warriors/rogues and melee specific ranged (soul drain etc) should stack on the edge of the rock, burning it down, it has a stacking buff that increases its damage dealt over time, so the longer it is it up, the more damage it will deal to the tank.

Stinger of Akylios (90K HP), Stingers of Akylios will also spawn in pairs throughout Phase 2, approximately 7-8 will spawn, and they will use two skills, the first is a single target channel called Abyssal Torrent, it can be interrupted and silenced, the second is Flooding Tide, which will deal damage based on the range from impact point to the entire raid, approximately 4-5 ranged DPS should be assigned to focus firing these down in the order they spawn.


The strategy for phase 2 is very simple, burn down the lashers, applying moderate aoe/cleave damage to the Lashers which will result in the Apostles/Deepclaws taking damage, the difficulty to this is determining the correct amount of aoe/cleave damage to not fall behind on Lashers and eventually become overwhelmed, yet still kill deepclaws/Apostles correctly (as indicated in P1). Moving between lashers all dps should be attacking the appropriate mobs on the move, after eventually killing all 4 Lashers and all stingers, you will be presented with a short interval to move to the next platform, anyone who hasn’t moved to the next platform is removed from the encounter.
As orbs of suffocation are placed on players, they move to melee range promptly, making sure to move as a stack if required.

Phase 3

As entering phase 3 you will attempt to clean up any adds that are remaining from phase 2.
As soon as the first lasher spawns, all “melee” and tanks will move to the lasher and burn it down as it spawns, at this point there will also be stingers spawning, and the same assigned people from phase 2 should continue killing stingers through their main assist.

As the 2nd lasher is dying, or as it dies, Akylios will arise from the water, planting himself on the platform, all melee should move to either his left or right depending on which side the last lasher was on, orbs of suffocation will continue to cast during this phase and the same protocol as identified in phase 2 should be continued.

Stingers of Akylios will continue to spawn for the rest of the fight, and should be dealt with accordingly, once phase 3 as started, if they are not killed within a certain time frame they will heal Akylios for 400,000 health, this cannot be allowed to happen!

Either 4-5 people should move back and forth attacking stingers, or 2 people should be assigned to each side, with 1 person as a “backup”, assisting specific sides if they get double spawns.

Akylios – 14.4M HP


Breath of Madness

Akylios will perform a 2 second cast, during this cast he will raise up and tilt his head towards a specific direction, at the end of his cast he will lean forward and emit a powerful water damage based breath, dealing substantial damage to everyone caught in it, and applying a debuff which increases damage taken. All players should be aware of his cast bar, and identify which direction he faces before breathing, and move accordingly, he will breathe in THREE different directions randomly.

Approximate Breath Vectors and Sides (AKYLIOS WOULD BE FACING ME IN THIS SS)


Gaze of Akylios

Akylios will shoot laser beams from his eyes at approximately 5-6 members of the raid, those players will emit AOE damage to all nearby allies, players must spread out and if a melee is affected by this spell, they should move out of melee promptly.


If Akylios has no one in melee range (tank) he will use devour, which will instantly kill the highest person on threat, and then move to the next until someone has gained threat and is in melee range (this prevents tanks from moving away from Akylios). If he starts casting it and you move back into range, he will be interrupted.


There are two major phases within this phase; Akylios when he is submerged, and Akylios when he is emerged from the water.

Emerged Strategy:

When Akylios is emerged he will go through a skill cycle such as:

Breath of Madness
Gaze of Akylios
Breath of Madness
Gaze of Akylios
Breath of Akylios

Half way during the first “Emerged Phase” he will reach 75% health.
As soon as he hits this point he will stop casting Gaze of Akylios, and begin casting Mind Decay.

Mind Decay

Akylios will place a debuff on three players in the raid, it is clearly marked with a glowing red effect above the players heads, that player will take approximately 2000 damage per tick and if all three players don’t stack within approximately 8 seconds, they will be mind controlled for 5 minutes or until death.
Allowing this to happen is almost a guaranteed wipe, all players should move promptly to the front of Akylios, or if all three are ranged, stack on each other as soon as possible.

Once he has started casting Mind Decay, his emerged skill cycle will become:

Breath of Madness
Mind Decay
Breath of Madness
Breath of Madness
Mind Decay


Emerged will rinse and repeat during phase 3 as above, dodge three breaths and stack occasionally.

Submerged Strategy:

After the 3rd breath/mind decay Akylios will go underwater, once he has gone underwater a Lasher of Akylios will spawn (same as P2 and start of P3), all melee DPS should proceed to the lasher with a tank and burn it down as normal, the players who are killing Stingers should switch back to assisting their main assist and burn stingers in sequential order.

After the first lasher dies, a second lasher will spawn, melee/tanks proceed to the 2nd lasher and burn it down, at this point the Akylios tank should be waiting at Akylios for him to emerge, if the orb of suffocation is placed on that tank, he will either tank swap with one of the other tanks, or ask for ranged to stack on him.

After the second lasher dies, or as it dies, Akylios will emerge and resume is “Emerged” skill cycle.

Note, every stinger/lasher killed will damage Akylios, so eventually you will proceed into phase 4, not necessarily always when Akylios is emerged.

After repeating the submerged/emerged phases eventually Jornaru will come down from his platform (When akylios is at 54%), this is the beginning of Phase 4.

Phase 4

After Jornaru has come down from his platform, Phase 4 begins. The fight will continue as phase 3, except a second tank will have to tank Jornaru.
Jornaru should always be tanked on top of melee, this will allow for cleave damage to both bosses (Stormcallers, this is your time to shine).
After Jornaru has come down, Tidal Waves will resume casting (as from Phase 1), either from the left or the right, a member of your raid should use a timer to ensure that you know when it is coming, and people should be assigned to left/right to manage calling.


You will continue dodging breaths, and stacking for Orbs/Mind Decays, however every time a Tidal Wave is coming, you will stop everything you are doing and put 100% of your attention to surviving the Tidal Wave, even if this involves you running into a breath. (Blinks and Way of the Mountain can be used to completely negate waves).

Once phase 4 has started, Jornaru will no longer use Orb of Suffocation while Akylios is Emerged, and only use when he is Submerged.

After repeating the same steps in P3, and dodging waves, Akylios will eventually begin using a new mechanic:

Cerebral Bore

Akylios will “bore into the mind” of one of your raid members, dispersing minimal amounts of raid AOE damage in an expanding circle, which will eventually expand over the entire platform
This mechanic can be completely ignored, and requires minimal AOE healing to counter, should not be threatening.

Eventually you will reach 10% on Akylios, at this point Akylios will no longer submerge. He will stay up repeating the same skill cycle.

Breath of Madness
Cerebral Bore
Mind Decay
Breath of Madness
Cerebral Bore
Breath of Madness
Cerebral Bore
Mind Decay

And of course while all this is going on, Tidal Waves.

Akylios and Jornaru should both be lowered to 2% health, Akylios will hit 144K health and will not be able to be lowered any further until Jornaru is dead, as soon as Jornaru dies Akylios will enrage, and will start destroying everyone, full burn on Akylios during this phase (STILL KILL STINGERS, IF THEY HEAL HIM.. DISASTER!)
Stingers will stop damaging Akylios at this point, but they mustn’t be allowed to heal him!

Healers should stop healing through Akylios’ skills at this point and only focus on healing the stinger damage (Cerebral Bore shouldn’t be allowed to spread further than it can, because it will kill people if the main target does not die fast).

Assuming this goes well, Akylios will die and you will be rewarded with orange items
Posted Dec 18, 11 · OP
Hey, thanks for the info!
"Throughout the entire encounter you are inflicted with a debuff that reduces your hit/focus by 130, and toughness by 60. This fight therefore requires 400+ hit/focus, make sure you have maximum points in your appropriate combat banners for this encounter."

This was changed when he was nerfed. Akylios: Voice of Madness now reduces Toughness by 15 and Focus and Hit by 40, so the hit requirement is 360, vice the previous 400.

I think we can certainly push past Phase 1 next time we raid.
Posted Dec 19, 11
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